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Ridge Construction Corporation was founded by Gregg and Deborah Genovese in 1993. We are a reputable high-end retail, QSR, and ground-up commercial construction specialist throughout the United States. 

We bring decades of nationwide experience, and a client portfolio of some of the largest and most respected in retail, restaurant and commercial organizations. With the fluctuating cost of materials, we take a value-engineering approach to all projects, finding innovative ways to substitute materials without sacrificing quality and by looking at life cycle costs.

Our problem-solving approach to every project is combined with scrupulous attention to project schedule and budget. We enforce on all of our projects daily 24/7 online reporting from our Superintendents in the field ensuring that our clients are provided with accurate information on their sites at all times.


Utilizing our ability to standardize and produce on a level of excellence that is unsurpassed in our field, along with our high-level of field expertise combined with our in-house support personnel; Ridge Construction Corporation continually derives repeat business from our long-time clients.



-Fierce dedication to budget and schedule

-Problem-solving approach

-Specialists in open store construction

-Multi-site roll-out expertise

-Extensive experience in retail
  and commercial construction

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